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Developing a Style: Guest Blogger Jason Eldridge

Jason is a photographer who captures light, nature, and people with pizazz and joy. For more about him and his photographic adventures, please visit his website by clicking on his website link Eldridge Studios. He wrote this post about developing a style that is applicable to most artists and creatives. Enjoy!

Developing a Style by Jason Eldridge of Eldridge Studios
This is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of being a photographer.  Why?  Well, it is simple…  It is nearly impossible to come up with anything that has not been done before.  So, how do you develop your own style?  

Start by defining what you like.  Look at other photographers and/or artists and find what gets you going.  Then, copy that style as best you can.  Trust me; it is okay to stand on the shoulders of the “masters” for a period of time.  

One of my favorite musical composers of the 20th Century is John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Encounters of the 3rd Kind etc).  He is quoted as saying “good composers borrow, great composers steal”.  Other forms of art are no different.  Because you are you and your life experiences are different from everyone else’s your own unique style will be born from this. 

What can be used to define your “style”?  I do not believe that it is one single thing but a combination of many.  Here is a quick list to give you an idea.

Choice of Subjects

Scene Composition


Post Processing Basic Effects

Post Processing Extreme Effects


Word of Warning: There are some photographers out there that are so concerned with EVERYONE liking their stuff that they are afraid to develop a style.  They can't take the criticism.  Inevitably when you find your style there will be some that just don't like what they see.
All photographs are ©Jason Eldridge of Eldridge Studios.

They will not like the level of processing or the lighting or the compositions etc.  That means you are making progress.  There is no way to please everyone and if you try you will slowly go insane. 

Finally, practice…  Do what you do often and your style will become second nature.

Hope you enjoyed this post by Jason! If you need the services of a photographer, Jason will do excellent work for you. You can learn more about him at

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JJ said...

A-M: Just stopped by to say hello. I have been so busy that I have not blogged very much lately.

Angeline-Marie said...

JJ: You are enjoying life and working hard. GOOD!!!

Jason L. Eldridge said...
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Jason L. Eldridge said...

Thanks Angeline for letting me guest post. It is amazing to me just how similar and yet how different painting and photography are. I hope you will have me guest post again sometime!

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