Sunday, June 14, 2009

Artist Entrepreneur Institute, Session 2

While at Andy's, I have been assimilating everything from yesterday's workshop. A friend of ours is hanging out, and he thought I was working. Art business is not work, it's fun! This doesn't feel like work =)

I've been exploring the grant sites that were presented, re-reading the modules, bookmarking websites, typing up my notes, adding business card information to the computer files.

The entire AEI workshop is overwhelming...the mantra is "baby steps!" The information is incredible...and I'm even thinking of a grant project!

Stephen Sylvester was yesterday's most inspiring presenter. He has grown so much in his art work (clay) and his business because of what he learned through AEI two years ago. His story motivates me: if he can, I can! to see how his art work has evolved.

Until the next entry!

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