Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Studio Visit with Robaldo Enrique Rodriguez Pena

Ismael truly enjoys bringing in different art books, catalogs, and other stuff to class to influence and guide us. This week, Ismael took us down the street to visit Robaldo. He has some incredible pieces of art: figurative, impressionistic, yet modern.

Robaldo moved from Cuba to Spain almost 20 years ago. Two years ago, he moved to Miami. His studio is located in the Bird Road Design District. Most of his work is large: 2 meters square and up. He will work smaller, but he loves to paint oils LARGE. He makes his own stretcher bars quite ingeniously: they work like puzzle pieces to put together and take down. The stretcher bars are incredibly strong although they are quick to put together and take apart for shipping.

Robaldo has to work in an organized fashion, but we did find his stashed artistic mess. His canvases line the studio walls while he works on the floor. He was a very gracious host to us, telling us stories, his thoughts about art, Spain, Miami, and Cuba.

When Roblado gets an idea for a piece, he takes tons of photos. He then takes the elements he likes the best and incorporates them together into a composition. Some of his work is shown in this blog article.

For more about Roblado, please contact him at robaldoenrique@hotmail.com

Angeline Marie


Carmen de Yurre Pelaez said...

Hi Angeline,
Robaldo is going to teach a 6-week course in oil painting techniques at the Miami Art Club starting February 6. It promises to be a unique experience since he'll be teaching tools & tricks used by the great masters of the 16th & 17th century that are still in use in contemporary art. Would be great if we could post the details at your site. Please contact me if you think you could. Thanks, Carmen

Angeline-Marie said...

Hi, Carmen!
More details, let me know!
How much? Do you have any pictures of what you are going to teach? Or samples of his work? Is it in Spanish & English, or just one language?
Give me more details than you think would be good. If you could, visit my blog, and see the postings for November and December to see what I was able to do for advertising that way.

I would love and enjoy helping Roblado out with this.

Thanks, Carmen!

josefina kinsey said...

me gusta

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