Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tree on CDs - Recycle Art

Captured Tree, ~9in. x 8in., acrylics on compact discs

I have been making a huge effort lately to stop saving things. I am a "reformed pack rat." Lately, the Goodwill or Salvation Army has been visited with numerous boxes and bags of stuff. Andy loves to joke that I can fit 1,700 square feet of things into a 900 square foot apartment. Andy is not kidding that I have to keep the "saving" under control! 

Recently, I found a few compact disks that could no longer be used because of all of the scratches. I kept trying to throw them away, but I kept digging them out of the trash can. Finally, I decided to play with them using encaustics. 

Encaustic art is created by using beeswax. I tried to use encaustics on the CDs, but the experiment failed. The CDs do work well under the encaustic paper for random designs, but not as a "canvas." I finally decided to just use acrylics, and the photo shows how that experiment worked. 

Should I mount the painting on a support, or leave them "free standing?" The background in the photo is the grey carpet (paint catcher) in my studio. 

Angeline Marie of 


JJ said...

Wow! My vote is free standing.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

I have to vote for a 10x10 shadow box. (so long as it is properly lighted of course).

Jason L. Eldridge said...

If you go for something like a shadow box use some spacers to give it dimension. It will look as if free floating in the shadow box. Just a quick thought.

Angeline-Marie said...

Hmmm, both of you have almost the same idea. Not sure I am thrilled with trying to light a shadow box, but who says it has to be in a box at all? Perhaps putting spacers between the CDs and the wood would work well!

I am very happy that these blog posts and comments are archived. I have an entire "book" for reference when I need help or a memory jog!

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