Friday, April 2, 2010

What is Mixed Media? with debut of "Primitive"

"Primitive," mixed media on hard board, ~ 8 x 10 inches, 2010, $50

Mixed media is exactly that: mixed. All types of paint, objects, inks, etc. can be used to create the art work. Collage is a more familiar name for mixed media, however, papers are not always a part of a mixed media piece. Media is just a collective name for what art materials were used, including paint, ink, charcoal, pencil, etc. Mixing the art materials also allows the label “mixed media.”

When Angie Leon and I discovered master artist Baruj Salinas’ classes in 2005, we discovered painting on paper. After a few classes, Cuban coffee (better said as “cafĂ© cubano”) snuck into our paintings. By the end of 2005, leaves, twigs, and other objects their way into our paintings. Angie Leon passed away in January, 2007 and I still miss her greatly. Angie Leon was my Second Mom, and like mi Mama, irreplaceable!

Mixed media is a piece of art that is created with something other than paint. There could be paper cut outs, like in my art piece “Simon in the Window (with Blinds).” It could be like “Primitive,” pictured here, with encaustics and oil sticks. Mixed media could be like “Tender,” where the art began as acrylic with beach sand and finished with oil paints.

Mixed media is whatever helps me get a vision across to someone else. Mixed media allows me to incorporate more textures into my art work and opens more possibilities. Some “ingredient” choices are obvious such as beach sand while other choices are more subtle, like oil sticks on encaustic. Mixed media is not always an appropriate description of my art work. Sometimes, I will use modeling paste for textures. (Modeling paste is another type of acrylic paint with a very thick body to retain shape once dry.)

You are welcome to hunt through my website to try to figure out how some of my art is “mixed media.” After a while, you will be able to tell from looking at an art work what media was used in its creation.

Angeline Marie of
Angeline Marie Fine Art


JJ said...

A-M: I'm not sure "how" your art is mixed media, but I am sure the results are terrific. I especially love the horses I have seen. Is this horse indicative of a "primitive" style? It looks like a cave painting in Peru or Ecuador.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

That was very helpful for those of us who are artistically challenged. Thanks, you might just make an art lover out of me yet (art other than photography that is :>)

I love the horse by the way... Awesome!

Angeline-Marie said...

I am not sure how mixed it is, either, LOL.

Glad I can help!

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