Friday, July 23, 2010

Figure Drawing at the Bakehouse Art Complex

After many months of of enjoying participation by the emails sent to me by the Bakehouse Art Complex, I finally GOT TO ATTEND!!! I have to shout that here, because the driving distance between my home and this wonderful place sometimes seems unsurmountable. The hour up and second back will be repeated for their monthly figure drawing sessions. Life gets in the way, but sometimes I will get there!

Mike, the one who monitored the Bakehouse Art Complex, gave me a wonderful complement while I was leaving. He said he noticed that of the dozen or so artists in attendance, I was the only one using brushes. He said that in my inks, you could tell they were figures, but with an abstract style. Cool! 

I will be sharing more about each set of two ink drawings, as well as some sketches from those wonderful two hours. 

What do you think of these inks? What would you like to know about these?

Angeline Marie

For more figure drawings (naked people), go to my page Angeline Marie's Fine Art - Figures.


Rosie Brown said...

I applaud anyone who tackles painting humans and the human figure. I find it very difficult. Good job, Angeline!


Angeline-Marie said...

Thank you, Rosie! It is a challenge, but it is fun to me. It is only me, the paper, and the translation from eyes to hand. Little to lose and lots of fun to gain!

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