Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Want to Give an Artist a Gift of Classes?

Do free classes work for you? How about low cost? Thanks to the internet and local libraries, learning anything is within reach of a computer. This is my list of what I use when wanting to learn something new in painting, drawing, etc. These also help when I get "stuck," too.

1. Subscription to Artist Network.tv.
For a fee, a how-to video of your choice streams to your computer. Sometimes, a free video is offered over a weekend. Video “rentals” are from a day to over six months, with unlimited views. 

2. Books
Yes, old-fashioned, made of paper, glue, and sometimes cardboard BOOKS. Check to see if your library’s catalog is available online, and explore what you can check out (all puns intended). How to sketch, paint, draw, decorate, fix a car (ok, I am digressing) is all available through books, no rewinding required.

Another reason I love Utrecht is their online “school.” Free write ups, sometimes with videos, on how to use their art materials.

4. Youtube.comeHow.com, and TVLesson.com.
I have videos posted on all three sites, and use them to find tips and tricks. 

5. Art stores
Most art stores have a bulletin board where artists post their class information. Some art stores have classes during store hours.

6. Art clubs
Sometimes these clubs know of artists who give classes or even host classes.

7. Local community college
Non-credit courses can be a great way of trying something new.

8. Local park or garden
In Miami, the Fairchild Tropical Gardens has a list of art classes. Check your local area parks and/or gardens for their list.

9. Ask an artist whose work you admire.
It is important to like the work the artist makes. Make sure the work has elements that you know will challenge you. Ask, ask, ASK. You might get an artist to work with you, and you only! 

10. If you are interested more ideas, here is a past blog post: Drawing Materials for Anyone. This topic is also a mini-series for me, so watch for more as the holiday season approaches.

Have an idea that is not on this list? Share, please! 

Angeline Marie of


JJ said...

While many of us have nightmares from our school days, how many of us have actually done research projects for ourselves, without any parameters? Once I discovered I was free to research my own interests at my leisure, I embarked on a lifetime of learning. I hope I live another million years, because I keep acquiring interests and have not yet learned everything - but I'm working on it. It's a good life!

Jason L. Eldridge said...

I spend a good bit of time on many that you listed. I do need to check out YouTube to see what they have to offer though. Great post!!!

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