Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"How to Paint a Tree" Video Series

Tree - 2010 - paint on canvas - 7 x 5 in.

Please view the video at "How to Paint a Tree."

In the 1980s, there were few specialty summer camps and classes for children. My parents made it their mission to find classes for me, and succeeded once with a short-lived Saturday morning class. My father and the instructor would chat every Saturday about how the classes did not receive the expected participation and would be discontinued. Where could Angie be sent to learn more? What can we do to get her more into the arts? What are the options for her? When the class ended, there was nothing available…so I continued to be frustrated with crayons, poor quality markers, and limited public and private art school teachers.

One thing I learned from that class still influences me: my love of drawing and painting trees.

Angeline Marie of
Angeline Marie Fine Art


JJ said...

A-M: Amazing! Your talent was not created by teachers, schools, or classes. You are seeing the world through eyes many of us cannot understand.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

I stopped by eHow just to see you paint the tree. I stayed there for a good bit of time watching you create and instruct. It is truly amazing to watch you do what you do. It seems like you easily just dab some paint and start working as if it is nothing. When you begin to work subjects form from what seems like nothing and in just a matter of moments you have a beautiful work of art. I do believe I am going to return to watch some more videos. Keep'em coming!

Angeline-Marie said...

JJ: JOKE: My eyes are only endorphin induced....Sometimes it is great to know I am "OK."

Jason: It is nothing, because the worst that can happen is that I paint over whatever it was. Thanks for the list the other day of more video topics. Let's see what I can do once the out(r)age is done.

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