Thursday, March 10, 2011

Presenting Phil - A Winner of Name This Painting Contest

Phil S. with note card of the painting he titled Red Spring According to Purple
©2011 by Angeline-Marie
The last two weeks have been extreme! Instead of writing, I decided to forget the world of the Internet and PAINT. Finished a rocking class with Alyson B. Stanfield, plus the Conspiracy lives on....It was a PARTY for Andy's birthday (non stop dancing and taking photos - what a blast!). If I fail my Oceanography midterm this week - well, that is why I decided to take the extra credit trip. Blog posts have stagnated, but something has to give! Oh, did you notice that I have another exhibit in less than 60 days and a sponsorship campaign???!!!! YIKES! now you know that in addition to a steady day job and Toastmasters'...can you keep up with me? that I just do not stop.

Phil S. in the photo above is the proud owner of the Name This Painting with Red Spring According to Purple. He explained to me that for him it symbolizes the struggle of life: the red shoot of a plant fighting to survive while the purple plant thrives. What a wonderful idea! 

The next blog post I will announce the title of the painting that won a week ago (already!!! We are in MARCH?)...because two people are receiving note cards for that one.

Off to book the apartment in Paris, France...did I mention that I don't stop??? Oh, if you are interested in helping Jason and I with our May 7th exhibit, check out what we can do for you by clicking on the photo widget below this paragraph. Thanks!!!
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JJ said...

Congrats to Phil. An absolutely great name!!

Angeline-Marie said...

JJ: I will let him know. =)

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