Friday, May 27, 2011

Fridays in France: Versailles with Puns Intended

The real Versailles in France has been visited much more than the restaurant, but not by me. The first visit was in 1987 and the second was 1992. Am now learning that what tourists see of Versailles is but a small fraction of delights to see and experience.

Just another reason to spend FOUR weeks in Paris, France: to be at Versailles for an entire day of exploration that tourists do not get. A day of drawing, walking, and collecting patterns off the palace's wallpaper walls! Here's the quick list of what I learned:

1. There are cafes on the grounds for rest and food.
2. Tickets can be bought outside of Versailles so you can save yourself a very long line to get one.
3. Bike rentals are available to view the gardens.
4. The garden's water fountains have shows during the summer, through September and October. 
5. The website for Versailles if chock full of goodies or buy a book upon arrival for a self guided tour.

How did I learn these things about Versailles? Cynthia Morris of the Curious Excursion spent a bit of time putting together a guide for those of joining her adventure. When that much effort is made, I pay attention. One of Cynthia's tidbits was of her friend Heather's Secrets of Paris website. Super site, and got the freebie guide on Versailles that helped with this Fridays in France post. 

Smiles,  Angeline Marie of 
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JJ said...

A-M: Have you been to Versailles? If not, you are in for a treat.

Angeline-Marie said...

Been to both Versailles, JJ!
The food at the restaurant is wonderfully down-home for me.
The palace is stunning, and very excited to learn there is more to it than what I saw already!

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