Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stop Making Art? Not!

Alyson posted to her blog the simple question When is OK to stop making art? 

Stop Making Art : Deep Thought Thursday — Art Biz Blog

It may seem to you that I have stopped making art. My blog posts don't feature as much of my art work in them. My Facebook page is quieter, too. As a matter of fact, all my social media pages are quieter, but it does not mean my creativity and art have stopped. 

My method of creating art had a gentle change while in Paris, France last September. Returning home and to the rat race has made my method of creating art a forced change. Alyson's question made me think...It is NEVER OK to stop making art.

When I limit myself to do only "art," then I am unhappy because I don't have that much time to make "art." I am MUCH happier because of a simple mental switch: EVERYTHING I do, I try to consider as a creative endeavor. Exploration, curiosity, doodling, etc. can be made a part of almost everything. Being creative lends itself to making art. Even bad art counts.

I try to create new art daily - good or bad, small or large. My forced method of creating art is with watercolors, markers, pens and pencil art in a sketchbook, 8x5 in. and smaller. Although life is taking me in different directions, my drawing and colors are still in practice.

I'm with Janice, one of the responders to Alyson's post: try to consider bending everything you do as an act of art. 

Special thanks to Alyson and Cynthia's Blog Triage class for giving me the idea to respond in my blog. If you hop over there and decide to take Blog Triage, you may be helping me with my art supply funds. If you would like to know more about why I enjoyed it, feel free to ask me in a comment or through email. Thanks!

Angeline Marie of
Left page: brush stroke studies, watercolors.
Right page: home view, pencil and watercolors.
By Angeline, 2012.

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JJ said...

A-M: I can identify. I have written enough "stuff" to build a ladder to the moon. Nevertheless, even in lean times, I hold myself out to the world as a writer despite the fact that I have often made more money teaching. You must create continually.

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