Sunday, June 1, 2014

Still here...Yellow Mountains with

Daisy ICAD Challenge...card #1...Yellow Mountains with Startling Skies. Approximately 3x5 inches, mixed media on paper. 
Husband Andy is on a motorcycle adventure and is at Bryce Canyon today. My friend Karla left yesterday after visiting for a happy fun girl-talk week. 

2014 went from audacious to be gentle. 

I'm going to try to draw an index size card every day for the next 60? 90? days. Join me? 

I won't be posting daily to my blog, lol, during this challenge. Way too much stress...when trying to kindly get myself back into my art studio. 

Smiles to you, where ever you are. 

PS: love it? Please share this post. It is available for sale, too, $28. 

1 comment:

Felice Panagrosso said...

Hello Angeline,
It's always a pleasure to receive your emails. I especially enjoy your new work with mixed media. Thank you!

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