Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Swirl Abstract Palm Tree

Swirl Abstract, 8 x 8 inches, mixed media on canvasboard, 2015, $100
I am LOVING this class, Abstractions by Lisa Call!!!

My stretch goal for being physically inside of my art studio this past week was 15 hours. I think I logged in about 11 hours, crammed into two days. About an hour was doing my writing homework, lol, but we artists do need to know how to write (and write, and write, and write). I even wrote out a schedule that I have diligently followed by lining out as I was in my studio. My last two days have included:

- 11 hours of being inside of my studio, most of that actually painting
- time to review my work and make notes on how to improve my work
- one episode of Once Upon a Time and two of NCIS LA 
- dinner out with family and a concert
- two full length workouts (thank you, Fitnessblender.com for the no-brain-strain!)
- all meals, LOL and a couple of snacks
- homework done (remember that writing?).

There is one day left for the weekend as I write this. With friends visiting from the frost bitten north and Andy coming home from his motorcycle rally, maybe I will recharge my creative fairy with some more fun time. Of course, my sketchbook will be with me! 

Is there a stretch goal you've met lately? What was it? 

Angeline Marie of

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