Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lollipop Palm Trees 2 Original Painting

Lollipop Palm Trees 2,  6 x 6 inches, mixed media on wood,©2015 Angeline Marie
Confession time...I have a day job. It's very left-brained logical cut and dry work with a dash of puzzle solving. I mention this because management thought it was a great idea to make wooden nickels for use for free meals in the cafeteria. Most of the nickels landed in the trash after the offer expired, except for bunch rescued by me, the pack rat artist. 

Three of the wooden nickels are used in this little palm tree abstract painting. Acrylic flakes from the hardware store are in this piece, too.  

My day job supplies me with some fascinating materials...does yours? What do you rescue from your day job? 

Angeline Marie of

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