Friday, May 8, 2009

Jerry's Artarama - Dangerous!

I've been a catalog shopper of Jerry's for a few years now. They have super prices, and better customer service. They opened a store in Fort Lauderdale. I resisted visiting. Now, they opened a store in Miami. YIKES!
I can't go in there...I did go in there...and all things considered, didn't spend as much as I could! Got some more drawing paper, some brushes, tape...No, the tape did NOT help me stick things to my hands.
Now I know where to shop for frames, and canvas, and, and, and. Utrecht, know that I still love you, but Jerry's has some serious supplies. Rows, and rows, and rows of supplies.

My dreams are sweet, LOL.
PS: Bianca, this post is dedicated to you, because now you can finally post comments on my blog.

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