Thursday, May 28, 2009

Website updated!

Thanks to Tia Manolita, I made a few simple changes to every page on my website. She took the time to send me an email with some ideas, and one was super easy to do: a mailbox icon. DUH!

I did not have time to reload my entire website until tonight. I'm crossing my fingers that the new upload makes the broken items work! While I was at it, I added the little icon.

I will do my best to add pictures of my latest art work to the site some time this weekend. LOL I have a few: an illustrative mountain lion, Japanese influenced landscape, a small figure.

I also want to varnish the 2nd of 2 Asian tigers I have struggled to finish the last six months. The first tiger was painted on mixed media with oil paint. The second is strictly painted in acrylics.

Forgive me for all of the "I's!" When I get the new work posted, I will describe how I created each in this blog. =)

Fun option: count all of the "I's" in this blog post...! LOL

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