Sunday, June 21, 2009

Artist Entrepreneur Institute, Session 3

Wow. For those artists to whom I forwarded this opportunity in May, this is a must take course. Only next Saturday is left of this session...and I am writing a business plan!

Discussions this session included a CPA about how to set up your business finances, Rafael Cruz about business plans, a lawyer about copyright, trademark, and patent laws, and a group of artists from last year's AEI.

This course has to be the most difficult I have ever taken. I walk out exhilarated, frustrated, excited, scared to death. I want to take on the world. This is definitely something I want to do, and I am fortunate that I can apply things from this to just about everything.

The most inspiring motivator is Rafael Cruz. He has a way of being absolutely straight with you AND calming you down with facts and the next step. He gives you the big picture.

The most inspiring group was "Doing Business As...." Three artists, Leanna Yater, Virginia Fifield, and Jacklyn LaFlamme got together after their AEI and put together a 10 artist show at the Broward Main Library. They applied everything they learned at AEI 2008. The show, the video, the promotional materials, everything they did was top notch. The opportunities since for all of them have been on-going. Wow. I want a part of that. I want to do that...!

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