Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Like everyone else, I hate homework. I completely understand the purpose of it, unlike most people. The purpose is to re-enforce what you learned within the past 24 hours. Review what you learned at least twice in those 24 hours, and you should know it for life.

I am currently taking a brain break from writing my business plan. Yes, my business plan. I am a part time professional artist, after all!

I still like, enjoy, and want my day job, where occasionally I can be artistic. For those of you reading from work, how did you enjoy those Croc N Dile cartoons? Yes, that was me. Patty F. designed the outage t-shirts and did a great job.

Any way, I also have the Marlins game on the TV, muted, of course. Better get back to the business of being an artist! Almost done!

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