Saturday, June 27, 2009

Artist Entrepreneur Institute, Session 4

Sadly, today was the last day of the Artist Entrepreneur Institute. We graduated (HOORAY!)! Now, all the work we must do out on our own...and perhaps with new friends we just met.

Ok. Action plans must now go in effect. Now what? AEI is over, until 2010. I have ONE YEAR to put ACTIONS from this course INTO MY LIFE. There are MANY things to do. Thank God, Jim & Adrianne gave us a huge module as a guide. I took notes. I should've shot video (but presenters probably wouldn't have liked that, giggle). is where you can get on Jim's email list to be notified of 2010 AEI. YOU MUST ATTEND - NO EXCUSES! Yes, it was difficult making it all 4 Saturdays, for the entire day, but this is well worth it! This is a paradigm shift. Major shift. Earthquakes.

Action #1: I SELL ART. I SELL ART. Repeat after myself: I SELL ART. I have sold to Arturo in Allentown, Pennsylvania; to a lady in Illinois; to a next door neighbor; an unknown at Cafe Tu Tu Tango; to a friend in North Miami. I SELL ART. Repeat. Everyone from AEI must repeat.

Action #2: Business plan needs a project: I am going to paint TREES. I love trees for shade, for colors, for the rain drips, for sun dappling...palm trees, oak trees, banyan trees, mysterious trees. Moody, happy, colorful, muted trees! I am going to sell them online, sell them at exhibit(s) like Deering Estate (there is one there until 8/16! Go see it!)

Action #3: Clean studio.
Action #4: Work on the penny project.
Action #5: Say adios por ahora (good bye for now!


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