Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bed Pieces Project

Ok. Thanks to George E. Gadson's "force field analysis" sheets, no more excuses. I have time - and already have an end result in mind. (Yes, George was a presenter at Artist Entrepreneur Institute!)

I was commissioned to work on bed pieces, literally. The bed is an antique, and it is beautiful wood, but the owner would like to pass it on as art pieces. They are going to turn out amazing, with scenes from her home (she lives on the canal in Key Largo - what a tough life, eh? Imagine the view!)

Their are four pieces in total: two side pieces, one footer, one header. The footer and two side pieces fit in my car. Thanks to Andy, the header can go any where (but I don't like to abuse him that way).

I began the two side pieces last week. The center piece of each side is framed, as you can see. Both center pieces were treated with clear gloss acrylic gel. Since the sky and water are going to fade into the wood "sky," it was best to have the wood already treated. Next, I took water and acrylics and mixed in the sky. The wood still shows through, and still looks beautiful. Notice that I taped off the outside edges. The outside edges will later be varnished carefully and act as a frame for each.

Stay tuned!
Angeline Marie


Anonymous said...


Very cool project. Never thought of turning a bed into an art piece, but it sounds super cool. How'd you land that gig? Loving the hue of blue.


Angeline said...

Bianca, it was a complete accident that I landed the gig. Someone wants to pass it on as an heirloom, but no one wanted it as a bed. The thought was to turn it into an art piece. She & a friend thought of me. I'm grateful, because it is proving to be a challenge & fun.

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