Saturday, June 6, 2009

Artist Entrepreneur Institute

Today was the first day of the workshop held by ArtServe, Inc. at the Broward County Library (sponsored by Broward County Cultural Division)

WOW. WOAH! This was great! It's only the first day, and it was intense and the bar held high. Speakers included sculpture artist George Gadson, artist and FAU Rafael Cruz, Howard Schulman a business agent, and artist/gallery owner William Braemer.

If you get the chance to take this class, GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY! I have read many books about how to be in business as an artist. Future blogs may have a brief review of one. There are few things better than hearing it from actual artists and business people.

Today was talking about being artists AND businessmen, how economics work, the types of corporations & whys of each, and pricing art.

First thing I did was make dinner when I got home and pull out the binder to review today's and next week's topics. Wow.

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