Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monday's studio session

WOW! It has been way too long since drawing figures from real life! Ismael set us up with a model (who is very pretty) who has the patience of a saint. She held her poses for 20 minutes at a time and barely fidgeted.

Working from her poses, we began the session with a 20 minute "draw however you want." The next sessions were using what I call a shape/block/shade technique. Everything was done in pencil.

1. Draw lines where you see the shoulder line, hip line, etc.
2. Block off the torso, hips, etc.
3. Joints are usually circles or ellipses.
4. Fill shading.

It was a LOT of fun. I'm looking forward to having more model time at Ismael's sessions!

If you're wondering if anything is worth showing, of course everything is! Just remember that these are sketches and loose drawings - not completed works of art. =)

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