Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moving blues

Geesh. Everyone hates moving. Ever try moving an artist?

One question that gets asked is "what do you think is your heaviest item?" Well, I don't know! I would think if all the stretched canvas is boxed, the weight would be high. Remember those old crates full of vinyl records? Think larger boxes, same weight. Then, I hate the idea of packing all of them into boxes, just because of the various different sizes! I have to laugh at myself....

Andy is being extremely patient with me. In the midst of all this, I keep picking up ideas and more stuff. I want to stop and paint, and there is another box to pack! This will soon pass, and my new studio has a north facing window.

What is special about a north facing window? THE LIGHT!!!! Go find the window at your place that faces north. It is very true what is said - the north light is the BEST. Does that room always seem to stay cool, but brighter than the rest of your place? Yippee! Of course, when I work it is usually at night, so those lights (warm & cool) will be installed (THANKS, ANDY!).

In the middle of the move, actions from Artist Entrepreneur Institute continue!
Have a great day! (It's like 0625, yeech.)

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