Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yesterday was a great art day!

Ok, so I've only done one thing off my Artist Entrepreneur Institute list this week, but it is ONE more thing I've done! I have my "doing business as" name registered. Next, a few more, but it probably won't happen this weekend....Then again, with online services being 24/7/365, maybe one more.

After packing a few boxes, I started calling moving companies. After doing that, I gave up and painted. The bed project is rolling, and was paused due to not having the right sandpaper. Who'd thought sandpaper would pause a project! I ventured on to miniatures.

I completed four miniatures. One is on a piece of concrete roof tile, second on a piece of driftwood found at the beach, third on scrap wood from Ed, and fourth on scrap window blinds. One larger, about 16 by 16 in. was begun. I relaxed and had fun, with all my materials around, stereo blasting some rock....

I'm off to the beach & party today. Have a great July 4th!!! Recall where you are, and where you could've been (me, on a communist island, with little access to art supplies & a big mouth that gets me in trouble).

For Ed's truck go check out his site

For me: updated last night.

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