Monday, July 13, 2009

Poaching, & Lesson Learned

Ok, I own up. I did not use "BCC" when I sent my email newsletter. I have received emails from other artists who do not use "BCC." Lesson learned to always "BCC" any "mass emails." Although sometimes I am tempted, I refuse to stoop low and poach (steal) from someone's email list without their permission. Poaching, however, happened to me.

This person, from the Artist Entrepreneur Institute, sent an email out to everyone on MY list: family, friends, and artists. Of course, she did NOT send me the same email. Luckily, Lisa wrote me an email to notify me and get her off of the list of this person. Poaching is NOT COOL. Of course, why would she send that email to the person from which she stole the emails in the first place!???

I looked up this person in my contacts list, and immediately called her. I identified myself, and asked her to please remove the list from her contacts immediately. She asked me how I got the list in the first place, because Jim (of ArtServe) had not sent the participants list. I told her I got the list from getting every one's business cards off of the table and entering them into my address book! No, Jim has not sent the list, and yes, my list is legitimate and you are stealing it! I highlighted the names of my friends & family, and sent it to her via email as follow up to remove immediately.

If you want to know who she was, and you were in AEI, shoot me an email. You probably know her already: "Hello everybody, I am looking for a space for a solo show. Please let me know if you have any ideas...Thank you for your time! Best, G...F...."

Cooling off,

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