Thursday, July 16, 2009

Unintended almost self-portrait

I've been thinking about this painting since I cut my hair in mid-May. I had 8.5 inches chopped, & donated it. Not since before high school have I had it this short, but I love it. I love Andy's reaction when the scissors cut through it, "Ok, now you look even younger!"

Any way. The best catalogs are from Nordstrom's. The paper is glossy and thick. The catalogs are bound like thin paperback books. Every page screams color. Compositions of jewelry, clothes, models, hand bags, make up are all modern, interesting, and eye catching. I love their catalogs! Recently, they have down scaled their quality, but the layouts are still there. The lighting used on the fashion models, the exotic models, exquisite! This model, featuring these cool high boots in the winter catalog, caught my eye. I decided to paint her.

The comments in the studio were immediate. "Is that you?" "Why is your hair short in the painting?" "Who is that? It looks like you!" Ok, she sorta looks like me, but it was unintentional. Now that my hair is about the same length, and style, as hers, perhaps the title of it becomes "Unintentional."


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