Monday, August 31, 2009

Violin Project 4

Family is a wonderful group. Mine happens to be creative, although not all the members believe it. My brother Hugo is a musician, my sister Dafne is a glass artist, my Mom crochets as does my sister-in-law Ana, my nephew Nick is trying ceramics soon in high school, and Andy (my boyfriend) is a photographer. Between all of them, a cry for help will get answered!

I took the violin over to our get together last night. Cries of "But it's great! What's wrong with it? Hey, we think this is needed here, what do you think?" in loud Cuban-American voices peppered the air over arroz con pollo (MMMMMM). I even walked away with new ideas of how to finish the front of the violin. I was told repeatedly to "LEAVE IT ALONE!" when referring to the front of the violin. The back of the violin needs a few color adjustments, but the composition is fine.

WHEW! Now, as soon as Andy returns from his Smokey Mountains Motorcycle Adventure, he can join in the critique.


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