Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Violin Project 5 - Broken!

For those of you following, the Violin Project Blogs are going on pause until September 22, 2009. Why must we all wait? All of the artists were told by FYO that we should not post pictures of progress nor finished painted violins until after the reception on September 21st. Since I will probably get home very late that night, the blog will pick up (with more pictures this time) after the "OOPS" posting.

Yesterday afternoon was THE major panic attack. The violin broke!

Thankfully, I was at Ismael's studio, a few blocks away from a friendly local hardware store and a few feet away from experience and advice. Between the materials I had to finish the violin and the epoxy used as glue, the violin was restored to all if its unplayable glory, minus one peg. It won't go back through because of the repair job.

To be honest, I haven't really tried to get the peg back through the proper hole. I'm too scared that the violin will break a second time. I'll keep the peg with the box, just in case FYO wants me try.

Wondering what I was doing to break it? Trying to restring the violin. Guess I didn't have to pull that tightly, eh?

Angeline Marie

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