Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bed Pieces Project 5

Seems like all I've posted is about the violin...but I did work on the Bed Pieces Project this past loooong weekend. This weekend, I'll get pictures up of the three of four that are finished.

Andy got home from his Bike Trip and really loved the pieces I finished. That usually means that the client will love them, too, and so it is an excellent sign that I am almost finished. This is fun, but it's been a challenge and learning experience.

It's actually ANDY's turn to work on them this weekend! Andy is a whiz at wood working. The pieces do need some repairs, cuts, and other stuff he would have to teach me and/or do for me. I don't know who has the more difficult part, the artist painting or the wood expert repairing. That will be a blog post (or two, or three, considering how I write) for the weekend, especially if we get rained out of the beach.

I'll stop the words, & let you see a picture. Mind that when the final touches are done (tape removal, wood work, etc.), those photos will be posted, too.


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