Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bed Pieces Project 6

Angeline-Marie Fine Art
Andy did a little wood work on the bed pieces yesterday. What a difference! The small pieces needed some repairs, and luckily are already "framed." The big pieces needed a "frame," and Andy is the man!
The footer, as I call it, did not have two frame sides. Andy had saved the bed rails, so he cut them down and added them to the sides. The bed rails are great save, because it means all of the wood is aged the same. I had not noticed the challenge, and since I don't know how to wood work, THANKS, ANDY!
The reason why I call it the "Bed Pieces Project" is because the wood originally made a bed. The bed was handed down to my client from her great grandfather. The pieces of this bed have made it to present day within the same family, but have not been used as a bed in decades. She wants to pass down the bed to her children, but as art pieces. One of her friends suggested me. Yippee!!!!
Shown are three of four completed, and Andy doing wood work. The large piece is shown without the side framing pieces. All pieces will be re-stained and finished before delivery. All will be photo'ed and blogged for us. =)
Coming soon - a project on a large piece of drift wood!

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