Friday, September 11, 2009

Ismael's Studio

Ismael Gomez-Peralta is a master artist. He has some incredible art, and I look forward to linking his future website to any of the items about him. His themes range from a series of Jose Marti (Cuban historical figure) to the Cathedral(s) of Havana.

In the meantime, Ismael is an inspiration. I am extremely fortunate to be able to study with him. He leads discussions, but makes them feel like conversations. He brings books to class, and shows us what we can strive to do. He brings us a figure model (yes, we paint & draw nude people), and he encourages us to see how the shadows & light work. I love going to Ismael's studio to work. I always walk out of there super tired, but hyped up on what was accomplished.

In the photo with the lady in red, Ismael is explaining something & gesturing with his hand.

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