Friday, September 18, 2009

Bed Pieces Project - Installation! (or - "The End.")

YIPEE! The project has been installed! Andy & Zach were awesome, because without them, the project would not be finished. I know a little more about wood work because of this project, but there was no way that I could install the art work on my own. The large pieces are about 15 lbs for one, and 30 lbs for the larger. The small pieces I can handle, but that big, bulky one! THANKS, guys!

We went to the home and hung them. I don't think she was expecting that - but loved that we were doing it. Needless to say, this was a special case, because installations are not the work I want. Her home looks WONDERFUL with the arrangement. Exciting! Sort of sad, too. Sad, you might ask? Sad, because the challenge was fun!

On to the next challenges: a figure portrait commissioned (can't share, it's a Christmas gift); put together an artists' package; become active in a business group (thanks, Jewel!).

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