Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Painted Violin Project - the Reception

This past Monday, the Florida Youth Orchestra had us present our violins. The reception was fun - we paraded our violins to Harvey's introduction. The most fun was talking with each other: our challenges, lessons, experiences with the violin. We even walked out with product suggestions (and I am looking forward to getting the hardware store and playing!)

I had fun watching the professional photographer take pictures of us, our violins, and the group of artists. The violins are beautiful, unique, individual, ranging in themes, styles, and colors. There is one favorite for at least every person I know. Those pictures will be sent to each of us - and as soon as they arrive, I will post!

The biggest challenge most of us had was letting go of the violin. To stop picking at it, working on it, handling it. The violin is such a great shape, the wood is so smooth! I already have ideas if honored next year!

First photo: progress at the beginning. Second photo: artists with our violins. I am the one in pink, sitting in the front row.


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