Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Encaustic Workshop! What do I need to bring?

After trying to keep this as simple as possible for everyone, Heather Hennick and I have decided on a final list of necessary objects for artists to supply for the encaustic workshop. Just about every artist I know has these supplies already, which is wonderful. If you don't, there will be plenty to share (we will make sure of it!)

1. blow (hair) dryer 
2. scissors
3. a couple of cheap hog hair brushes (like what Baruj likes, from the hardware store)
4. collage material: such as decorative napkins, pretty papers, small black and white photocopy images or a colorful magazine, a little piece of silky fabric, dried leaves or petals, found objects

I also found a very cool link to check out some art made with encaustic techniques: 


Please remember, we accept PayPal for the deposit & the limit is 10 students! As always, more information is available on my website, with Workshop as its very own page. 

Heather Hennick can be contacted at info@partyzazz.com and her work can be seen at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-heather-hennick.html


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