Saturday, November 21, 2009

Encaustic Workshop!!! WHAT is Encaustic?

We are proud to present Canadian artist Heather Hennick for an encaustic workshop!

What: Encaustic painting involves working with pigment, wax, and heat.

Techniques: Ironing, carving,embedding materials, photo transfer techniques,
stamping, drawing and painting to name a few.

Includes the tools YOU take back to YOUR STUDIO!:
1. Encaustic iron - It holds an adjustable yet stable working temperature to work with wax
2. Paper
3. 16 blocks of quality beeswax, supplied by Heather
4. Surprise gift

Where: ID Art Supply, 15th & Biscayne Blvd, Miami

When: Saturday, December 19th from noon to 4 pm.

How Much? $150 covers instruction and supplies

Do I need to take anything? Start saving empty tuna cans, old clothes, super cheap brushes, found objects, photos, magazines, etc. List will be blogged in a few days of supplies needed. ID Art will give a small discount if you need an item.

I want to do this! How can I get into the class?
Contact Angeline at or via Facebook (Angeline Marie Martinez). Heather can be contacted best (after all, she's in Canada!) at or via Facebook (Heather Hennick).

Non-refundable deposit of $60 is required at enrollment. Limit of 10 students.

For more about Heather and the things that can be done with this technique, visit her link at

This blog will be giving more information concerning encaustic terminology as well as what supplies are needed for the class.


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