Monday, November 9, 2009

Film: Who Does She Think She Is?

Thanks, Lily Mazeruk, for asking me to with you & Lori Practico!

Miami Beach Cinema, yesterday afternoon, showed the film "Who Does She Think She Is?" 
(link to website is at end of entry.)

Holy cow. I am now 36, and have been drawing & painting for about ten years. When I 
finished my master's degree [Mama had me trained since toddler that I would get one], I turned to what I always wanted to do: be an artist. 

Those around me found out what I wanted to do: "Oh, how cute, she's playing at being an 
artist." Or, "what's your day job?" Or, "You are another starving artist!" The women, mostly
retirees, in the classes I could find on weekends & evenings would just look at me like 
"Yeah, just wait until you get a man & have a family. This too will have to be placed on 
hold, just like we had to defer our little cute hobby."

This film is one I can identify with whole-heartedly. From Angela, who had to follow her calling & re-make her family by divorce, to Janis actually juggling FIVE children & a husband 
who supports her work. Maye struck me the most, because of her struggles with the business
side of art and family.

The film was not so much about women's rights but about artists struggling to fine a place in
this world. Statistic were shared: 80% of art classes are women, but almost all successful artists are men. Women's art is valued at 1/3 of that of men's. Women are "valued" during "Women's 
History Month." Women make up about half of the world's population, yet women are not 
considered in the art world to be important.

If you love an artist, of either gender, GO see this film. It will make you think, and talk, and 
share. If you are an artist, GO SEE THIS FILM! =)

Lily - thanks for finding the film. Lori - thanks for always being positive.

Link to film info


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