Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Loosening Up for an Art Session

Sometimes, there is fear to overcome: how'd I do that? what am I doing? I can't do that! That was a one time wonder!...and I can list all of the fears forever. Few things scare a writer more than a blank page, and it is the same fear an artist fears.

One thing I truly dislike doing is wasting materials. So, I found some unexpected recycle, reuse, reduce paper at work! Those of you who work with me may recognize the graph paper, its patterns, and its use. Work was ready to pitch the rolls of paper into the recycle, but with permission saved them. Free practice paper to ruin any time, any where!

Got some ink out, my CD of figures, and painted away part of the afternoon. They are posted here in order of creation. The first, at least to me, feels stiff and unsure. The fourth is my favorite. None are perfect, but the style is strong and pleasing. Between the third & fourth, did some work on a commission and started a 2x3 ft landscape.

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