Thursday, December 31, 2009

Art in Las Vegas, Nevada, December, 2009

Anyone plan on visiting Las Vegas in 2010? What do you think about Las Vegas' art scene? 

While in Las Vegas in December, Andy good-heartedly joined me in visiting the Bellagio to visit their galleries. We had chosen to visit Bellagio before CityCenter, which CityCenter just opened right before our visit. What an experience!

The first art gallery, which was also for sales, was for Richard MacDonald. He creates sculptures that begin as clay and end as cast in bronze. The art gallery had a video playing of Richard at work. The work displayed was beautiful and intricate, with lots of movement, energy, and grace. Richard works with Cirque du Soleil performers. While the performers are practicing, Richard creates his clay pieces of work. The clay pieces later become bronze sculptures. I had to splurge on a DVD, because although the bronze limited editions were not unreasonably priced at this art dealer, this artist must spend in other ways!

The next gallery we visited was about the CityCenter. To quote the website:

[The exhibit] 12 + 7: Artists and Architects of CityCenter offers a sneak peek at the highly anticipated CityCenter development, showcasing artworks by a selection of artists featured in CityCenter's Fine Art Collection, alongside early sketches and architectural models of CityCenter's soaring towers, and retail and entertainment district.

The 12 + 7 art gallery exhibit made our walk through the opened parts of CityCenter more fascinating. It was remarkable seeing the structures as a small-scale model and then walking in the structures. The exhibit gave us new respect for those artists who create tiny models and then translate them into huge structures. All we could say was “wow” when we toured the actual CityCenter.

The last “art gallery” was really the Bellagio Botanical Garden. What an incredible display of Christmas decorations! That was an unexpected surprise on our way to CityCenter.

We ended our art exhibits at a classic car exhibit, chosen by my very patient and wonderful Andy. That was a play ground of photographs for me, too, because of the great hood ornaments!

Smiles! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
Angeline-Marie of
Angeline Marie Fine Art

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