Sunday, December 27, 2009

International Postal Art Project - Bristol UK

Just a few days before I left on vacation to San DiegoCA and Las VegasNV, I received my postcard from artist Helen Allsebrook’s International Postal Art Project begun in the United Kingdom (or England). The letter’s paper size was centimeters and a little larger than our standard 8 by 11 inch paper, which even after all my travels is still very interesting to me. The postcards are about the size of which we are accustomed. The next two artists that are receiving the link of three postcards are located in the Netherlands and West Midlands (UK). How cool is that!?

I love Miami and have traveled enough to enjoy living here.  Unless stuck in a traffic jam, I truly love the climate, the people, and the activities that are found here. I browsed my photo reference library and choose a view that is often taken for granted by most Miamians: palm trees against the sky.

That same day of completion, my postcard section was mailed off to the next artist in the Netherlands. I cross my fingers that my section arrived to me in less than two weeks from Helen’s mailing in the U.K. I am also hoping that the artist in the Netherlands has received it by now (two weeks after sending).

According to Helen, the postcards are going into an exhibit in April, 2010 at the University of the West of England and later in Rochester, New York. There are over 240 people participating from over 11 different countries. Since Helen has lost count on the countries, who knows how many! Thanks, Helen, for organizing such a grand project! She is working hard to post the items as received on her blog. 

Here are some photos of my postcard!

The first is what came inside of the envelope to me: letter of instructions, three envelopes, my postcard (the two more are folded under mine).  

My postcard:

Title: Car View
Medium: acrylics on paper
Size: about 5 by 6 inches

Angeline-Marie of

Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in."
--Leonardo Da Vinciartist, scientist, inventor and author

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