Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Framing: How-To Choose the Color & Style for a Painting

This blog post is dedicated to Mark. You are not the first to ask me these questions, and I am sure you won't be the last. =) This how-to frame is more for canvas. A future blog post will be how to frame a painting on paper, because this one is long enough!

1. Take a good look around the room in which the painting is going to hang. Look at the colors of the furniture, paying particular attention to the woods and metals.

2. Check if the painting is on
   a. stretched canvas with no visible staples on the sides, framing is optional, especially if the sides are painted.
   b. stretched canvas with visible staples on the sides, framing is necessary. A mat is optional.
   c. on paper, glass or plexiglass and a frame are necessary.

3. Take the painting with you to the frame store. A great place that has plenty of choices is Michael’s. Target and Walmart will do well for paintings on paper, but will be challenging for the deeper frames needed for canvas.

4. At the frame store, choose wood frames that match the a color
   a. in the room where the painting is to hang.
   b. in the painting
   c. do chose a non-dominant color in the painting.

5. Pay attention to the style of the frame, whether it is simple or ornate. The more simple, the more attention is given to the painting.

6. Place the painting in the frame, or set it on the glass of the frame. You should know whether you like the look or not. Try to narrow it down to two frames.

7. If there is a customer or store associate near by, ask their opinion of the two frames you have chosen.

8. If you are not sure, buy both frames if the store has a good return policy. What is the worst case scenario? You visit to return one of the frames.

9. For directions on how to attach the frame to the painting as well as more, please visit the following links:

How to Choose a Frame

How to Choose a Mat Color

How to Frame a Painting on Paper (Mark, for the paintings you have, this will work, too.)


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