Saturday, December 19, 2009

Encaustic Workshop! Photos from today!

What a great time we had learning encaustic techniques from Canadian artist Heather Hennick! Thank you to Libby, Bonnie, Cole, Mila, Michelle, and Mary for making a great afternoon. It was 4pm before we knew it and we all still wanted to play.

Some of us wanted to continue doing transfers, others collage, and some just played with the wax. I fell into the last category, and was greatly happy with the results. This is definitely a medium with which I am going to continue to use.

Here are some things we learned about working with beeswax:

1. Smoothing wax is much more challenging than we thought.
2. Have a steady hand is not always a good thing.
3. Wax is playful, colorful, and liquid.
4. The iron also turns into a small hot plate.
5. It smells so good!
6. Transfers are a cinch.
7. Collages are fun, easy, and with magnificent results.

The day's class ended with "let's keep in touch," and "thanks for a great class!" Me, well, I want to keep doing this, but I'm going to listen to Main Highway tonight.

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Angeline-Marie of

1. Heather, ready for class! at left
2. Below left, Heather showing how to use an encaustic tool. 
3. Artists avidly watching. 4. Artists playing with beeswax!


micheL said...

That was a good workshop and I will definately be doing more with encaustics. I think (hope) it is on the brink of a major revival! How can I get in touch with a couple of people from the workshop?

Angeline-Marie said...

Michelle, I can send you their emails, if you would like. Sorry about the delay!

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