Sunday, February 21, 2010

Artists for Haiti Silent Auction, Design Destrict was Today!

This was a "pop up gallery" in which I participated with two pieces. I didn't take the best photos of me with my art, but hey, I got photos. Second one with me in it has my "Palm Trees 6." First one with me in it has "Coconute Grove Marina." Second one with me in it has my "Palm Trees 6."

Picture without me is Onajide, Lori Practico, & Saintiago Perez.

For those of you who missed the silent auction, we are considering doing a second chance in Broward County. Stay tuned &/or follow us on Facebook as "Artists for Haiti."

Angeline Marie of Angeline-Marie Fine Art


JJ said...

Important cause. Good for you!

Angeline-Marie said...

To JJ:
YEP! Every where, help is needed. Right now, Haiti needs it the more. Stay tuned for the next auction...=)

Angeline Marie

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