Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ladies in Waiting - Mixed Media on Mason Board, 8x10 inches

 Smeared with beeswax, the ladies revealed themselves. I had to bring them out, the long dresses, the mysterious background. See the one on the right? She's looking back as if "c'mon already!" What do they say to you? Tell me, what is the story that your eyes tell you about these ladies?
Angeline-Marie of 


Michelle Lopate said...

This looks great. I am exploring more of the encaustic medium and loving it! Working on a bigger scale suits me better than the little cards but its all good....

Angeline-Marie said...

THANK YOU! I am exploring encaustic techniques, too, along with collage using acrylics AND beeswax.
I love working on a bigger scale as well, but have to allow myself to play with small to get the techiques. The cards are fun & keep me from feeling wasteful when I ruin one. =) Small canvas helps that way, too.

Thanks for your comment! Glad to know you are playing with encaustics!!! We should do a "free follow-up" workshop to share what we've all learned since December.

Angeline Marie

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