Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Escape - #8 of Art Inspired by Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

"No Escape" - 2010 - acrylics on paper - 23 x 33 inches

My art usually celebrates nature, with a dark twist as I was told recently. Now, I am in pain, in a rage, in horror, and completely insane about this oil spill. Life as I know it is over, as it is for many. These feelings are carried around by many, even though most of us do not voice them. I try to keep them under, and covered, and forgotten until in my studio.This oil mess has twisted me into a social activist artist who does not know even where to begin to make a change.

The most affected are those that are trapped in the ocean: the fish, coral, birds, whales, dolphins....The eyes, oh, the eyes, make me cry...To see what I mean, click here, but I warn you the images are NOT pretty.

Andy made a comment the other night: "but I would prefer you show your pretty paintings!" Mi amor, I cannot paint those pretty tropical images right now. Understand this is my only way to channel what I feel about the entire event. For the first time in my artist life, I am creating a series of which I cannot see the end. There is no end, no escape, for the innocents of the ocean.

What is the most painful part of this event for you? Do you carry pain, sorrow, and anger about this oil spill? What makes you react to this event?

Thanks for reading,
Angeline Marie of

For #6 of the oil spill series:

To view past series posts, use the Google search bar on the right of this post and enter "oil spill." The list will appear at the top and you may click on each item.


JJ said...

A-M: I am just as angry, but the beauty of art keeps the fight alive in many of us. I agree with su amor. Keep us aware of what we want our world to look like.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

Mostly anger and helplessness. There is so much damage already done with more to come and no way to stop or even defend against it.

The painting actually shows how I feel... I would like to say that I love the painting but it just makes me sad (no offense of course)... I guess that makes it successful.

Angeline-Marie said...

JJ: I'm trying. =) Right now...these are what is going on...I will do some without the black and see what happens.

Jason: Yep, the intention is to make you feel. If it had no title at all, perhaps it would not have that impact...

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