Friday, June 18, 2010

Spreading - #9 of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Inspired Art

"Spreading" - 2010 - Art inspired by Gulf of Mexico oil spill - mixed media on paper - 33 x 23 in.

As of yesterday, BP chairman apologized and promised to make things better in the Gulf of Mexico. TRY STOPPING THE LEAK FIRST. I so want to scream it, and am noticing that my rage is shifting to despair and sadness. So many lives are being affected by this oil spill, from North America to England. 

For an echo of how I feel about nuclear power and this oil spill event, the Wall Street Journal  has an excellent article about how things NEED to become in the oil industry. Please, read it, and leave a comment here if you want. 

I was listening to NPR yesterday, and heard about how Cuba is dealing with the expected oil. I guess I will never get to Cuba in time to ever see the beauty of the beaches as told to me by my family's stories....At least Cuba is not blaming the USA for the oil spill!!!! The USA is actually trying to help them consider how to combat the oil...but Cuba has no resources (berms, hay, etc.) other than people to pick up tar balls. The reporter on the story mentioned that tourism is the main industry of Cuba and that the oil spill will affect the northern most beautiful and popular beaches on the island. 

Ending my stream of conciousness...
Angeline Marie of

1 comment:

Jason L. Eldridge said...

I just love this painting.... I can certainly see your emotion.

This Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is a teribble situation and it does not appear to be getting better. You really need to find a place to display this series!

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