Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not My Wedding Flowers

"Not My Wedding Flowers," - 2010 - acrylics on canvas - 20 x 16 in.

Funny things happen during plein aire events: rain, clouds, gathering of artists inside rooms at the park. One of the park employees set a vase of flowers on someone's desk in the classroom where we artists had sheltered for the Sunday. There are usually weddings taking place at the Deering Estate, and these were leftover flowers from the prior night.

As usual, I have an "extra" piece of canvas covered with old, dried, random acrylic paint colors. The flowers were rioting their desire for being immortalized, and I was the only one who heard their cries. The gorgeous whites, fuschias, pinks, and greens, how could I resist?

They are not my wedding flowers...!

Angeline Marie of

PS: This is my 151st blog post! Time flies!!!
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Jason L. Eldridge said...

Congrats on the Blog Post milestone!!!!! I didn't see the original but I bet you did them justice. These look great and my eyes seem to travel around the painting as if searching for something. Our eyes tend to always got to the brightest part of the picture and because of the white flower near the center and light/medium background my eyes do not want to stop moving. Great job (as usual)

Angeline-Marie said...

Jason: Original flowers, you mean? Thanks for the compliments - intent is to see the flowers' energy and vibrancy of colors, with a small focus on the white rose. =) Glad it worked!

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