Friday, July 30, 2010

Seahorses Three - #12 of Art Inspired by the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Seahorses Three - 5 x 8 inches - mixed media on board - 2010

At this posting, a boat ran into a different oil rig and caused a geyser of oil to spill in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the Louisiana coast. China and its sea is having its oil spill. A pipe bust some where between the US and Canada and is causing the fourth oil spill advertised in 2010. Good news is that it looks like the BP one, begun in April, may finally have been stopped. 

I filter the news that reaches me. Andy stops many conversations about the oil spills because of how upset I get. I do nothing good in this world getting upset. I do better creating art - and that is where my energy is channeled (ok, and the gym, too). I heard about research being done to count seahorses because they were endangered. Who knew? Seahorses? Those fascinating little creatures? How sad. 

Seahorses Three is on a wood panel that has (very watered down) acrylics, encaustics, and oil pastels. A little whimsy in the midst of so much tragedy in oceans....

Come out see some of my art work on September 4th, Saturday, during the Coconut Grove Art Stroll! I am honored to share space at Dharma Studio with photographer Jason Eldridge the same evening. Hope you can make it to stroll the Grove!

Angeline Marie of


Jason L. Eldridge said...

I love this painting! Seahorses are some of my favorite critters. I too am saddened...well more angered than saddened but still. We are stewards of this planet and we are failing in that job. In spite of the situation this one makes me smile. I look forward to sharing the space with you in September. Kim love this too!

Angeline-Marie said...

Jason, glad it made you smile. I needed to "lighten up," but also continue the series...=)

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