Tuesday, August 17, 2010

36 Hours in New York City

It was a whirlwind trip to New York City to see the exhibit of Cuban Artist Raul Martinez, one of "Los Once" ("The Eleven") at Magnan Metz Gallery in the Chelsea District. May you try to take away what I danced (que me quiten lo bailed)! Here are just a few of the photos taken during those memorable hours!

Sunset shot using the zoom on my Casio H-10 Exlim camera, through the window of the other side of the plane. I just adore the bands of color during sunset, and just could not resist trying. Well worth the effort, I think.

End of the taxi ride, just outside of my hotel for two nights, or about 12 hours (a night's sleep and a nap). Found out I was in Little Korea. Drops of rain during the night sprinkle the windshield, but the rain was gone by the morning.

Street view from inside the window of Magnan Metz Gallery, the exhibit Eagerly Awaiting by Cuban artist Raul Martinez was held from July 22 through August 20, 2010. Stay tuned to my blog, as I will review the exhibit.

Two pop art works from the 1980s by Raul Martinez with me standing in between them. At the time of this photo, I had already spent about three hours enjoying the exhibit. After all, the exhibit was the entire reason I had 36 hours in NYC!

Me with Nelsie and Juan at Spice Market. If you make it there, try their cherry yuzu soda or the jasmine lemonade. Wow! Of course, the food was great, too.

Nelsie, me, and Juan on the rickshaw ride to the Museum of Modern Art. We were cracking up at the antics and butt wiggles of our strong and cheerful driver seen in the picture after this one. We were travelling faster than the taxis!

Matisse Exhibit poster at the Museum of Modern Art. Target Free Fridays saved all three of us the price of tickets, which I later spent in the museum store. No photos were allowed of the Matisse Exhibit, but they did have a small book.

Last photo of the trip. Upon arriving to my hotel, I learned that my nap was shortened by an hour because of the airport shuttle pick up time. Oh, well. Guess I have to return to NYC another trip for more time! I spent that afternoon napping at the beach (thank you, Andy!).

Would you visit any where in the world for 36 hours? What kind of reason would you need? Where would you visit?


Jason L. Eldridge said...

Wow, what a great trip that must have been...

36 Hours anywhere in the world: A half mile from the base of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park just prior to sunrise on the first day and sunrise at the Upper Yosemite Falls for the second. 36 hours of raw natural surroundings with only the sound of the wind in the trees and the rushing water from the streams. ahh...

JJ said...

A-M: Super trip! And you have me learning about Raul Martinez as a by-product.

Angeline-Marie said...

To Jason: Ooooooh that sounds beautiful! How about you and Kim with cameras, and I with an easel while Andy motorcycles curves and/or takes photos, too?

JJ: It was! Now all trips are done for 2010. Oh, well. I will be helping you learn more about Raul Martinez...I have some more blog posts about him planned. Glad you enjoyed this one!!!!

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