Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Work of Art - Bravo TV Series

Bravo TV and Sarah Jessica Parker teamed together to create a show called Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.

The auditions were held in various cities, including Miami. I know of a few artists that auditioned. I know I looked at the application...and decided that I am just not a reality television type of artist. Here is a quick review of episodes 1 through 7. If you decide you want to watch the show, Bravo TV and Hulu can help you catch up to the current episode.

Episode 1: Self-Reflective
Artists created art about another artist in the group. The first artist dismissed did not create a piece of art that truly represented the other person.

Episode 2: The Shape of Things to Come
This episode kept me awake that night. Artists had 30 minutes in an electronic junk yard and a set time to create art from what was gathered. I loved this, kept awake by wanting to participate in the same challenge!

Episode 3: Judging a Book By Its Cover
Artists had to interpret a classic book and its story to create a cover. I loved the one for Dracula...but can understand why the Time Machine was chosen.

Episode 4: A Shock to the System
Artists had to create art that either angered, disgusted, or create a disturbing emotion in the viewer. This is one I do not think I can do very well. Oh, wait, I am in the middle of doing a series about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill....

Episode 5: Art That Moves You
Artists drove a car to its showroom and then had to interpret their experience into a piece of art. Not sure what the judges wanted in this episode: a commercial for the car or just the overall experience?

Episode 6: Open to the Public
When I saw some artist friends on my Facebook account write things like "with plywood? Are you kidding?," I had to watch. Well, I have to watch because it is fascinating to see how artists are viewed by the public. I liked one of the two pieces better...but understand why the other won.

Episode 7: Child's Play
Use only the materials found in a fantasy art class loaded with supplies for children, at a children's museum. Hmmm. I know how I would have interpreted that one...another sleepless night because of ideas.

At this blog post, I have not had a chance to view Episode 8, Opposites Attract. Episodes are also summarized by Bravo TV, along with online bonus videos.

What do you think about Work of Art? Do you have a favorite episode? Has any episode kept you awake at night, thinking of what you would create? You are welcome to comment.

Angeline Marie of
Angeline Marie Fine Art


Lori Pratico said...

Hi Angeline... I enjoyed reading this.
I have really enjoyed the show. If nothing else I find it entertaining. I think it is funny how most of my artist friends hate on it so much. Would you rather their not be a show about artists. Do they understand that the goal of the show is to entertain everyone, not just artists? Sure their are things that could have been done better, but isn't that pretty much the situation with everything?
I really hope it gets a second season. I look forward to watching it every week, and thanks for introducing me to Hulu.

Angeline-Marie said...

I look forward to watching the show, too, even if I am little behind in episodes. I agree with you - everything and anything can be improved, including the show. The show will grow, we hope, in the second season.

Maybe there will be someone we know on the second season cast?

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