Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Photos from Art Basel 2010

Dafne and I enjoyed the Art Basel exhibit at the Miami Beach Convention Center yesterday. After four hours, both of us were tired and exhilarated.

Cameras are not allowed into the exhibit hall, but like most people I did not want to lose my camera to the "coat check" room. These photos were legitimately taken because I asked each gallery if it was OK to photograph the particular piece of art. Most of them answered with a very surprised, "Yes, THANK YOU for asking first! Not everyone asks, and it was wonderful that you did not sneak it!" Needless to say, between the crowd and the fear of losing my camera, these were the only photos taken. 

If you want a catalog of the show, you can find it here: Art Basel catalog.

If you want more information about Art Basel in general, although it ends in a few minutes today: Art Basel Miami.

If you want to see more about the Art Basel exhibit and the multitude of satellite shows in Miami during the same time frame, please check out Joanne Mattera's blog. Joanne does a wonderful job reviewing different art shows around the country. She has her weekend's itenary posted on there, too, as a teaser of her upcoming art exhibit reviews. My plan was to visit the Art Basel exhibit and then go live vicariously and car-traffic-free through her posts.

For an idea of the craziness surrounding Art Basel, here is a partial screen shot of the Google Map for searching "Art Basel." To all those artists that participated in different exhibits, forgive me for being overwhelmed and not being able to visit! Please posts photos and/or videos of your exhibit.

Back to the inside of my studio, with smiles, 
Angeline Marie of 


JJ said...

I love photos 3 and 4!

Jason L. Eldridge said...

So, I have to ask... Was there a photography portion? Nevertheless, I would love to visit something like this (provided I am in town next time). Thanks for the post!

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